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NAZA is a lightweight multi-rotor control platform specially designed for aeromodel hobbyists. It is a small all-in-one module which combines the MC, a gyro, accelerometer, and a barometric altimeter. With optional GPS & Compass module, accurate position-lock feature has been included. It has D-Bus support, upgrade support, and extendible port. Different from WooKong-M for heavy payloads and aerophotography, Naza not only inherits the outstanding flight stability of DJI products, but also provides excellent maneuverability, which gives hobbyists wonderful flight experience.
Naza simplifies installation and saves space and weight. With the innovative All-in-One design, Naza contains inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis gyroscope and barometer in its light and small main controller. Naza can measure flying altitude, maintain and therefore can be used for autopilot/automatic driving. Advanced mix guidance algorithm and control algorithm, inherits outstanding flight stability of DJI products, provides excellent maneuverability, gives hobbyists wonderful flight experience. Naza-M GPS & Compass will greatly enhance performance for entry AP with position hold, return-to-
home and intelligent orientation control. With GPS Module, the multirotors will have position and altitude lock in windy conditions. Precise hovering in less than 2.5m horizital and and 0.8m vertical.
In order to prevent your multi-rotor from crash or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage, we have designed two levels of low voltage protection. You can choose to not to use them, however we strongly recommend to open the protections! Naza supports six different multi-rotor model, Meet the different needs of the enthusiasts. The gimbal stabilization module is compatible with almost all 2-axis gimbal systems. The system will adjust the gimbal and camera according to the attitude of the helicopter after setting the parameters the first time.
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